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InQuisition Led Display






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InQuisition is not a contest to see who can look up answers using Google the fastest, but a competitive quiz game that challenges each player's knowledge of trivial facts. So, in everyone's interest, ChatGames tries to keep the game as fair as possible.

For that reason, during certain periods in the course of each round of play, the Violation LED may begin flashing in  RED . (see diagram above in Question display)

Whenever this warning flashes, the computer's cursor must remain within the GamerX6 interface. If activity is detected outside GamerX6 (ie., for example, if the player attempts to use a browser to look up an answer) a violation occurs and the ability to submit an answer is disabled.

If a violation occurs after an answer has already been submitted, then the violater's answer will be ignored when the game host corrects the round.



The Warning LED flashes in YELLOW during the following periods:

1. During a gambit question when the betting buttons are activated.

2. During the warning period just before a question is exposed.

3. During team recruitment when the Join Team button is activated.


The Ready LED appears GREEN whenever GamerX is in a live gaming environment. The player must be connected to the game server and joined to a game channel.

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