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InQuisition Answer Submission


Question display

How to answer

1. Submitting your answer

2. Abbreviations

3. Lemming (copying another player's answer)




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Question display

A five-second warning precedes the display of any game question.

When the warning timer expires, the current game question displays below the game round, question category and point value. If an image is associated with the question, it appears adjacent to the question display.

Once the question is exposed, the answer box is activated, and the round timer begins ticking.

The round timer is usually set to 20 seconds, although the game host has an option to set it at 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 seconds. The timer begins ticking down, changing from  green  to  yellow  to  red  until it expires, ending the round.



How to answer


Enter your answer in the answer box then press {ENTER}. You must submit a correct answer to earn points. The faster you answer, the more points you earn. (see InQuisition Scoring)



Unless a question specifically asks for a complete answer, abbreviated answers are accepted by all game hosts. But there are no "set" rules for how long or how brief an abbreviation must be in order for the answer to be accepted.

Suppose, for instance, that "George Washington" is the answer to a question with the cateogry "American Presidents".

It is rare that any game host would accept "W", "Wa" or "GW" as an answer. Few game hosts would accept "Geo", because experienced hosts understand that the submitting player might have meant "George W Bush" instead of "George Washington". Some hosts might accept "Was", but some wouldn't. Most, however, would probably accept "Wash".

Usually a good game host is satisfied so long as an answer convinces him or her that the submitting player really knew the answer to the question. And any player who submits an abbreviated answer always does so at his or her own risk.

Here is the golden rule:
The acceptability of any answer and how that answer is graded is up to the game host entirely.


3. LEMMING (copying another player's answer)

Unless the round is blind (see Question Types), players see the answers submitted by other players.

If a player doesn't know an answer, he or she may copy the answer of any other player and submit it as his or her own. He or she will be rewarded or penalized in the same manner as the player who originally submitted the answer.

However, let the lemming player beware! (see Chumming)



If a player wants to discourage other players from lemming his answers, he may use a tactic known as "chumming", the act of purposefully submitting an incorrect answer in the hope that other players will copy it, thereby incurring a scoring penalty.

Chumming allows a player to submit his incorrect answer, known as "chum", without penalty. Chum is submitted by pressing {Shift ENTER}. While the chumming player and the game host can readily see that an answer is chum, that chum always appears as a legitimate answer to all other players..

And while the chumming player escapes penalty, any player who copies the chum and submits it as a legitimate answer is penalized according to the rules specified in InQuisition Scoring.

Becoming an unwitting chumming victim is considered a great embarrassment by veteran players.



InQuisition is not a contest to see who can look up answers using Google the fastest, but a competitive quiz game that challenges each player's knowledge of trivial facts. So, in everyone's interest, ChatGames tries to keep the game as fair as possible.

For that reason, during certain periods in the course of each round of play, the violation warning may begin flashing in  RED . (see diagram above in Question display)

Whenever this warning flashes, the computer's cursor must remain within the GamerX6 interface. If activity is detected outside GamerX6 (ie., for example, if the player attempts to use a browser to look up an answer) a violation occurs and the ability to submit an answer is disabled.

If a violation occurs after an answer has already been submitted, then the violater's answer will be ignored when the game host corrects the round.


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